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IRS Audit Representation

Tax Audit Services – J.M.ROSE – Woodland Hills, CA

Our Woodland Hills firm helps clients who’ve received an audit notice from the state or IRS. We are tax attorneys with experience in assisting individuals and businesses sort out the facts that can reduce penalties and protect your finances. It is our objective to relieve your audit fears, providing meticulous audit services to resolve the tax dispute. 

J.M.ROSE is always here for clients, when you need us. If you’ve received an audit, whether by error or negligence of tax law, we help put your feet back on solid financial ground. 

Why did I receive an Audit?

Auditors flag income tax returns that show signs of financial inaccuracy. Whether by a failure to report an asset or source of income, or your filing shows signs of tax evasion, audits are designed to review your accounts to make sure you pay what you owe. With the complexity of tax laws, it’s easy for many individuals and businesses to make a mistake and report their income incorrectly. Anyone who completes their taxes on their own increases the risk of error, therefore increasing the chances of an audit. 

Professional Audit Help in Woodland Hills

J.M.ROSE relieves clients of their audit concerns and deals with tax authority auditors directly. Our team is trained to gather our clients’ records to build up an accurate financial history. We will use these records to build a case for a more favorable outcome with state or IRS auditors. Our firm has helped clients with their audits for decades, and is prepared to deliver the personal attention that your audit needs.

We have assisted a range of clients with their audits: 
Small to Medium Sized Businesses
High-Value Individuals
Medical Professionals

Expert Tax Services to Avoid Audits in the Future 

Tax matters, it’s not enough for us to just resolve your tax audit today, but we also wish to pave the way for a successful financial future. Our firm provides tax planning to achieve long-term tax goals and make the best of your tax opportunities year-over-year.

Businesses and individuals can rely on us for a tax strategy that matches their industry and business needs, making the most of their possible deductions, reducing the amount owed as much as possible. With accurate and timely tax filing from our professionals, you will have a better defense against audits and be on firm ground with your finances. 

Contact J.M.ROSE for Tax Audit Help 

We offer a complimentary consultation to review your audit. The professionals at our Woodland Hills firm understand the concern that audits cause, and seek to relive those fears. Our firm helps businesses and individuals throughout Calabasas, Tarzana, and Northern Los Angeles. Call us today for expert help from our firm. 

If you've received an audit notice from the IRS, please fill out the form on the bottom of this page to receive a free consultation with our tax specialist.

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What Others Say

"Received notice that I was being audited, went on line found J.M.ROSE, called and asked for help. They met with me, told me how to prepare for the audit, and then went and met with the IRS for me. The results was great, they made me feel at ease and made a believer in me" - John Jones

"Thank you for the confirmation. Good idea to do this. You are the MASTER in customer service!" - Bob

"Thank you very much Jeff! That was very helpful and got me out of a bind. Also, thanks for your work on our 2014 returns. As always, we are very pleased with the level of service you provide. Take care." - Visha