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How are the Fees that are Charged to You Determined

How are the Fees that are Charged to You Determined - We Take a Different Approach

Most CPA firms bill their clients based on hourly charges. No one is ever satisfied with this arrangement – you hate getting a bunch of invoices that you don’t understand, and we hate entering our time. We believe a better arrangement is to let you know up front what our relationship will look like – both scope of services and our annual fees, along with the tangible value we will deliver for our fee. Therefore, we sit down with you first and go over what your options are as to how much involvement you want with us.

Do you want Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual Service.
Do you want CPA prepared Financial Statements
Do you want Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Meetings
Do you want a Consulting Service

Set fees for Representation with Federal, State, and Local Authorities

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"Received notice that I was being audited, went on line found J.M.ROSE, called and asked for help. They met with me, told me how to prepare for the audit, and then went and met with the IRS for me. The results was great, they made me feel at ease and made a believer in me" - John Jones

"Thank you for the confirmation. Good idea to do this. You are the MASTER in customer service!" - Bob

"Thank you very much Jeff! That was very helpful and got me out of a bind. Also, thanks for your work on our 2014 returns. As always, we are very pleased with the level of service you provide. Take care." - Visha